Adult Day Health Services

Does your senior loved one with functional or cognitive impairment need daytime care? The comprehensive Adult Day Health Services at Cascade Park Adult Day Health may be just what you’re looking for. Our program is offered mornings, afternoons, or all day, and includes a variety of health, social, and support services, provided within a protected environment. We operate full days Monday-Thursday, with Friday mornings only, no afternoon program on Fridays. Morning program runs 9 am to 1 pm with lunch included. Afternoon program runs 1 pm to 5 pm, with dinner included.

Here, participants receive the care they need to live as independently as possible. Our program also includes a wide variety of engaging and enriching daily activities to take part in, including live entertainment, therapeutic activities, educational group discussions, physical and occupational therapies, bingo, arts and crafts, daily exercises, and more.

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Individualized Care & Services

Each participant of Adult Day Health Services at Cascade Park Adult Day Health receives a personalized care plan. Created through a partnership between you, your loved one, our multidisciplinary team of caregivers, your loved one’s provider, and a case manager, this unique living document coordinates the specific care and services needed by your loved one to benefit from, grow, and thrive in our program. Adult Day Health Services help you rest easy knowing your loved one is getting just the support and care they need during the day, so you can look forward to the special moments you share together during the evenings.

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Benefits of Attendance

One of our attendees was in a tragic accident, causing his decline in safe decision making and ability to perform daily tasks. No longer able to hold a job, a wife exhausted of finances and resources, they came to us. He went from a recluse, feeling rejected by society, to a vibrant attendee, loving the exercise and socialization and new tools provided to help him increase his abilities. We serve military veterans who sustained PTSD and traumatic brain injuries to elderly women who have been shut away due physical limitations and no longer able to drive.

Benefits include improved health and nutrition:

  • We provide 1 daily meal and are able to accommodate a wide range of dietary requirements and textures plus we serve snacks inbetween. We encourage healthier eating habits.
  • Mental health is stimulated with “thinking” games and activities.
  • Mild daily exercises improve strength, mobility, dexterity which helps prevent increased disability from inactivity.
  • Full time nursing oversight and nursing management

Support and friendship benefits are a huge part of our programming for the majority of our attendees, most of whom have lost the ability to drive and independently travel. If you attend a session you’ll see jokesters, hugs, dancing, bean bag tossing, fine motor skill arts and crafts, and new friendships developing.

Caregivers are frequently exhausted and we provide a respite for 4-8 hours. Our goal is enhancing your life and loved ones' too.

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