Wellness advantage at 6th Avenue Senior Living in Tacoma, Washington

In-House Specialty Services: The Wellness Advantage

We are reframing senior living by changing the idea of assisted living. We are traditional assisted living with the addition of wrap-around services that (currently) no other senior living provider is offering. We have drastically reduced hospitalizations and have truly becoming an aging in place senior living, where our residents are not as frequently moving out, but rather staying put because of partnerships we enjoy with our local major healthcare systems.

We have 6-8 hours of nurses on staff 5-7 days and incredible wrap around services which include on-site: Home Health, PT and OT, weekly primary care doctor visits, nurse practitioner, dental care, foot care, and more. Our programs support aging in place for as long as possible until safety demands otherwise.

TRUE aging in place is occurring in our communities, as our teams have become family to our residents, and our desire to keep residents operating at top performance is our goal. With strategic community relationships and bringing in more preventative-care and oversight, we are thrilled to outperform our counterparts in our care, retention, reduced hospitalizations, and overall health of our residents.

Assisted living resident getting some help from a licensed nurse with her hearing device at 6th Avenue Senior Living in Tacoma, Washington

Expert Care

Our expert nurses provide clinical oversight of blood sugars, insulin injections, vitamin B injections, lab work, keeping the many primary care doctors informed, and consulting with them for care services. Our nurses also consult with caregivers, provide support for caregiving needs, watch for changes in a resident’s normal condition, and write personalized care plans and adjust the plan as conditions change.

Our Wellness Advantage is expansive in comparison to traditional senior living settings that cater to amenities over care. We put care first and foremost, as one does not leave the comforts of home without a good reason to do so. Our Director of Nursing’s expertise provides unmatched service: she sets residents up for success and is honest with families and residents about expectations and services available. We are committed to honest and direct communication, as your loved one deserves that.

Licensed nurse helping a resident with physical therapy at 6th Avenue Senior Living in Tacoma, Washington

Licensed Nursing

We are also committed to having licensed nursing on staff 5-7 days per week that oversee resident care. Our residents move from a clinical progress note into a loved one in our hearts. We notice changes in condition and consult with medical doctors, our team, and engaged loved ones to set our residents up on the best care path.

Our Wellness Team has fostered community partnerships to bring in dental hygienists, home health agencies with a PT/OT office onsite, regular podiatry appointments, regular primary care doctor visits, nurse practitioners onsite, daily pharmacy deliveries, and strong partnerships with our two local hospital systems for better patient care. We are also now partnered with Optum, so those individuals who qualify can gain extra support and money for medical procedures and supplies.

Resident reviewing and signing admission documents at 6th Avenue Senior Living in Tacoma, Washington

Admissions Review

Senior living communities can provide all the best amenities one could hope for, but at the end of the day all that is left is the elephant in the room: Will they be able to honor my loved one with the best care available? Is this the most appropriate environment for my loved one?

Our expert Admissions Department’s goal is just that: to ensure we can honor your loved one with the best care. If the answer is no, we will truthfully guide you in a different path. If the answer is yes, we will conduct an extensive assessment to create the personal care plan your loved one deserves.

Real Life Example

When Sue lost her husband and son separately in a 30-day period, she had a mental health crisis and never recovered. New friends took everything she had, and literally went from riches to rags. One person in her life advocated for her, and she is now safe and happy with us.

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