Horticulture and Pet Therapy

Visiting Animals

Touch and hugs. Our modern society is removed from such emotional contact, but the one truth remains: dogs remain our best friends and provide unconditional love.

We have lovely community dogs that visit, as well as other animal guests (goats, sheep, miniature ponies, and rabbits have all seen the hallways of the Vista). Touch is vital, and while we respect individual rights to keep distance from human contact, the love of an animal is bar none the best and provides incredible therapies. There’s nothing like running your hands through silky fur, and having a pet soak up that love in return! We bring in as many animals and as frequently as we are able to.

Have an insider tip on bringing in more animals? Let our Activity Director know; our residents will greatly benefit! Learn more about our community features on our Services & Amenities page.

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Natural Healing

Studies have confirmed that nature is the best antidepressant available.

We take residents on trips to Point Defiance Park to take in the old-growth forest smells and picnic next to the changing tides of Puget Sound. While we reside within walking distance of downtown and thus our lives are surrounded by concrete, we facilitate excursions and opportunities to dig fingers into dirt, smell old-growth cedar trees, pull some weeds, and sink our teeth into a homegrown tomato. Nothing can compare to that juicy taste! Throw in some basil and enter heaven.

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