Culinary Experience

For many of us, the kitchen was the center of a home. Mom’s fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies, snack times with friends, and fresh fruit on the countertop for a passing snack. The smell of freshly baked bread wafting throughout the house, anticipating the oven opening to take that very first bite. Or maybe it was teriyaki take-out with a glass of wine, surrounded by laughter.

We are redesigning our culinary experience at 6th Street to reflect connections, relationships, and love.


We are excited for some future changes to our menus, stay tuned to watch the new experiences we will be unveiling! We are working to expand our menu to include seasonal offerings. The goal of each meal offering is to create a relaxed, friendly environment to foster friendship around the table.

Dining Service

Your service is provided by many high school young adults, as we are dedicated to training up the next generation of workers in a safe mentorship environment. The high schoolers enjoy learning, serving, and connecting with our residents, and help foster our expanding inter-generational model. As our current high schoolers head out for their next adventure, fresh faces enter for a nice rotation of personalities and interests.

Don’t worry if you miss a meal due to a medical appointment. Our team will ensure a pack lunch is made with advance notice, or, when you get back – pop in for a quick bite.

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