Our Values

Our mission is to provide Tacoma and the Puget Sound region with compassionate care. Our clients benefit from an atmosphere of warmth, understanding, and consideration for their unique physical and intellectual needs. We will provide the leadership to create a family-like environment to enhance the enjoyment and quality of life for each client. Each staff member will maintain the highest ethical standards in fostering this "just like home" atmosphere.

Our values are the fundamental guideposts for the daily operations and the future planning of our organization:


We will place the well-being of our residents and clients as our primary concern, treating them conscientiously with courtesy and respect, regardless of their physical or mental limitations.


Our work shall be performed accurately, systematically, and concisely with a disciplined approach for effectiveness and efficiency. We shall be knowledgeable and thrive for excellence in the performance of each task assigned.


We will be resourceful, imaginative, and creative in our work to provide the best possible services to our residents/clients. We shall have the initiative to be a leader in our field by using methods that are creative and ingenious.


Our character shall be courageous in being honest and trustworthy in dealing with all aspects of the work we perform. Confidentiality, sincerity, and discretion will be used in all dealings with our residents/clients.


Working together consistently as a team in a cooperative, respectful, supportive and harmonious manner shall be a constant given. We are open-minded, courteous, and tolerant to the needs of our fellow workers.


We will be diligent in exercising our authority and responsibility in caring for our residents and clients. A continual effort will be made to ensure all contracted services are accomplished with prioritization, considering logic and fairness.

Quality Control

Striving for excellence shall be an inherent feature of our work with a goal of zero tolerance for anything except superb service. Standards of performance specified are expected to be exceeded.


We are in the business of producing smiles! We will strive to provide an enjoyable environment to be shared by our residents,
clients, and employees.