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The Cascade Senior Living Services Difference

With decades of experience managing every aspect of senior care operations and compliance, Cascade Senior Living Services is the right choice for expert management of your senior living community or care campus. Built from the ground up, our boutique senior care management firm is committed to creating a high-touch, innovative environment providing the best care and services possible.

Our unique approach to exceptional care begins with our people. Team members are hired based on a personal and professional passion for providing exceptional care, and given every resource they need to accomplish this goal and much more. Our organizational hierarchy is accessible and responsive, delivering well-thought-out decisions and strategic responses in a matter of hours rather than days.

For residents and clients, the Cascade Senior Living Services approach to senior care management culminates in a boutique-style environment with an extremely high level of service and expert-level care. Whether we are serving residents in an upscale, private pay setting, middle-market senior living community, or affordable senior housing, we are committed to providing exceptional experiences for everyone involved.

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Happy resident couple on a day trip to the city near their home at a community by Cascade Senior Living Services

What Sets Us Apart

Happy resident on a beautiful day at a senior living community by Cascade Senior Living Services

Boutique Senior Living

Using a higher resident-to-staff ratio and innovative, cutting-edge technologies, we provide therapies, care, and services in a variety of settings, from home health to specialized memory care and beyond.

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Independent living couple out for a stroll through the neighborhood near their home at a community by Cascade Senior Living Services

Industry-Leading Experience

With decades of combined experience, our expert team is your trusted partner for industry-leading management of all aspects of senior care operations, compliance, and investment.

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Resident mixing paint in an art class at a senior living community by Cascade Senior Living Services

Reshaping Affordable Care

Our vision for high-quality senior care is more than meals and meds, it’s exceptional care and services, leveraging the latest technologies to create a better living experience at any income level.

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Couple holding hands in their senior apartment by Cascade Senior Living Services

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Caring hands at a senior living community by Cascade Senior Living Services
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Management & Consulting Services
We offer an array of full management services that can be purchased as a package or ala carte depending upon the needs of the client. However, we’re very strategic in our growth so we can ensure that we’re always placing top-tier leaders in our communities that will model and live out the values and workplace culture that helps to set us apart.

We are happy to assist in the development of new campuses. We have experience and expertise to share when it comes to the feasibility, proforma, architecture, funding and licensing of new campuses.

Human Resources/Payroll
The workforce landscape in today’s environment is very challenging for senior service providers because of increasing regulation and supply/demand issues. We pride ourselves on ensuring we have an engaging workplace culture for the staff and we leverage technology for smooth payroll processing with great automation and excellent reporting tools to assist us in managing costs.

Our team is experienced and competent when it comes to managing and providing oversight of all aspects of the accounting functions. We develop the budgets, prepare financial reports with variance analysis, and follow-through with the respective reporting requirements of each client.

Great tasting food and a superior dining experience are a “must have” for senior communities that want to set themselves apart. We are very committed to fresh foods, scratch cooking, and resident choice. We put a lot of time and energy into getting the most out of the culinary and experiential aspects of the dining experience for those we serve.








Community engagement and systematic marketing strategies are important for sustainable top-of-mind-awareness. We help ensure that teams are responsive so inquiries, leads, and sales are always aligned and being followed-up on as appropriate.

Facilities / Environmental

The physical plant investment for owners/investors is a major investment. We help ensure that this investment is well-maintained. We bring automated work order systems to our communities to ensure we’re being as effective and efficient as possible with the resources needed to maintain large physical plants that need to show well every day.

Care & Customer Satisfaction

“Peace of mind” is what everyone wants when it comes to the care of their loved one. Our workplace culture that emphasizes training, coaching, and feedback helps to meet that goal. We also provide on-going quality assurance and internal clinical audits as well as third-party benchmarked customer satisfaction reporting to help us ensure we’re on track to deliver on our promise.

Workforce Alignment

Our staff are most effective when they can focus on putting their hearts, minds, and unique personalities into the job of caring for the residents that have been entrusted to us. Effective communication in an operation that runs 7 days a week and 24 hours a day is imperative. At Cascade Senior Living Services we offer a personal touch in leadership and leverage technology and try to make the back-office and behind-the-scenes stuff be very simple so staff can focus on the most important things…making our clients happy!

Exceptional Care Management Starts Here